BODYWORK SESSION (about 1hr):  $115

The INITIAL SESSION will be slightly longer as we will go over your horse's history. You do not need to be there the whole time, just in the beginning. After the initial session, 4-6 week interval is recommended, but if your horse has accumulated a lot of tension and/or trauma and needs more support and release, you may want to do the sessions closer together, at least in the beginning. Also if your horse is in heavy work/competition, once monthly is ideal. 


Package of 3 MM Sessions $310 (10% discount)

Only applies in Sonoma County.


Saddlefit 4 Life Equine Ergonomist

Session (about 1 hour):    $100

Saddle fit evalution and education as to what the 14 negative reflex points on the horse's back are. How your saddle is affecting your horse and you by static and dynamic evaluation. You will learn how to make sure your saddle is not hurting your horse. 


Barn Travel Fee:    $25                                   

To travel outside the 30-mile radius from Santa Rosa, I charge an additional $25. No charge to travel to Marin, Napa and anywhere in Sonoma. If you are outside the 30-mile radius but can get 3 horses from one barn for me to work on, I will waive the $25 barn fee. 

Trainer Referral Program: 

I offer a trainer discount for whole-barn (monthly to 6-week) bodywork sessions. Discount is dependent on the total number of horses and travel distance. Payment should be in full or collected by the barn management or trainer. 

Barn Lectures on Saddle Fit or Masterson Method:

I do interactive barn lectures on both saddle fit and bodywork basics. I charge $100 per hour, plus travel expenses. 


  • Check at the time of bodywork

  • Visa, MC, Discover Amex via Square or Square Invoice

  • Paypal or Venmo

Prior to our appointment, please download the form below, and fill it out. I cannot work on your horse until I have your signature on this form.