Masterson Method® is a very gentle and integrative method of bodywork. It works with the horse's central nervous system and is interactive with the horse, so the practitioner follows the lead of the horse to find places of accumulated tension that negatively affect performance. By applying techniques of touch to the key junctions of the body, (the poll, the neck-shoulder-withers junction, and the sacro-lumbar junction), the horse naturally releases tensions. When the held tensions are gone, ease of movement and performance will increase, and quite often (if the horse has been holding tension for a long time) the horse's overall demeanor (behavior and willingness to work) will improve. During a session, you will see your horse alternate between much fidgeting and a sort of catatonic state, take the deepest in-exhales, lick and chew and yawn repeatedly as they let the tension go. After the session it is good for the horse to have access to space for movement but no riding for 24 hours, and no pushing him or collecting him for 48 hours as his nervous system processes the changes in his body. 

Tip: For best results, schedule your first session, which is about a 1.25 hour session, and then put your horse on a 4-6 week bodywork schedule.

You will help him stay healthy and sound longer, and he will perform better.