Equine Osteopathy Clinics with Martine Groeneveld, Equine-Canine-Feline Osteopath EDO®

Martine Groeneveld is an Equine, Canine and Feline Osteopath EDO® from the Vluggen Institute. She comes to Sonoma County 4 times per year, and I organize her appointments. If you have a minimum of 6 horses that need to be seen at one barn, we can schedule a whole day at your barn. Individual horses/smaller groups will need to trailer Woodbridge Farm or Santa Rosa Equestrian Center. We will organize a day stall for your horse ($30). The osteopathy session cost is as follows: first time horse $225 (allow 2 hours); recheck horse $175 (1.5 hours). Fees must be paid in advance to receive an appointment slot, and are transferable but non-refundable. The trailer-in, day stall fees are paid to the farm directly. 

Important: appointments will only be given upon receipt of the session payment (new horse $225, recheck $175), and a signed copy of the PMA agreement which I will send to you. Without these two conditions, no appointment will be given. If you pay for an appointment and cannot make it, we will make every effort to fill the spot. If the spot fills, I will gladly refund your session fee, however if it does not fill, the fee is non-refundable. Normally there will be up 3-4 students (including myself) who scribe, and overall assist Martine during the sessions. During Covid-19, it is just Martine and I, and she is driving from Southern CA rather than flying. 

May 2020 Appointments

Friday May 22 Fairwind Farm Cordelia and Woodbridge Farm Petaluma 

Saturday May 23 Woodbridge Farm (one appt available)

Sunday May 24 Private Farm Sebastopol (2 appointments available at Woodbridge or SREC) 

How to get an appointment: 

1. Email me at murielle.eib@gmail.com to let me know you are interested. 

2. I will send you an application form and the PMA agreement that needs to be signed. You can fill out/sign those and scan and send to me via email. If you prefer to send via snail mail, I can give you my address. 

3. You can pay via check & snail mail, or via PayPal, Venmo or Square (I can invoice you via Square). 

Keep in mind that these appointments are extremely sought after and the days fill up very quickly. Previous clients have priority, and after that, 1st paid 1st served. 


Martine has helped me with all of my horses at one time or another, but particularly useful was her treatment of our pony Sophie, who suffered from a severe acute illness last year. After Sophie's fever left, she developed other symptoms, which seemed unexplainable and odd to us and the vets. When checked by Martine, using osteopathic methods, these symptoms rose the suspicion of possible EPM-like in nature and she recommended to have the vet test and diagnose Sophie’s situation. I decided to treat Sophie soon after as her symptoms were clearly debilitating. The herbal-amino acid supplement Martine told me about worked miracles in about 10 days! I would not have believed it myself if I hadn't been there to see the transformation. Martine's treatment of Sophie basically saved me from having to put Sophie down. I am forever grateful to her!

Tamara Walker, Walker Horse Farms

Martine has been working with my horses for several years. She has provided hoof trimming and relief of orthopedic issues for my retired gelding who has a bone cyst on his front left navicular bone.  She has worked on my trail horse with osteopathic sessions with great success and suggested natural holistic supplements to support healing when my mare experienced lameness issues from a stifle injury. Martine has made recommendations that have made remarkable changes with my horses. Martine has been my horses guardian angel and I will be forever grateful.  
Jennifer Kress


My horse experienced a suspensory ligament injury and an associated bone growth issue that required surgery. I relied on Martine to be my primary resource in providing me with the information I needed (that a DVM or Surgeon may not consider) about the health of the whole horse. She guided me through the pre and post surgery considerations and the subsequent rehabilitation process, as it would impact the entire horse, not just the limb injured.  By addressing his self -carriage compensations that resulted in additional discomfort elsewhere in his body over the term of the recovery, Martine was able to correct, with regular osteopathic sessions, the issues that occurred during rehabilitation preventing additional misalignments, relieving pain and enhancing proper healing. Martine provided recommendations for supplements that work in tandem with the bodywork to support healing; in my horse's case particularly inflammation and bone calcium deposit concerns.  My horse has also benefitted from cranial sacral work and post dental poll work performed by Martine. I recommend Equine Osteopathic treatment by Martine as part of your horse’s health care plan.  I invite you to contact me for more information about my personal experience with Martine and how she continues to support the whole health of my horse.

Gwen Dordick (303) 885-3363  gwendordick@gmail.com


Dogs: Dog sessions are $175. All dogs will be muzzled (no exceptions) during their session. Martine has multiple sizes of muzzles. 

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Just for fun, some photos of horses being worked on!

Here a beautiful Dutch Warmblood mare is barely containing her yawns... 


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