As an Emmet Practitioner for Horses, I am quite amazed by this methodology, and have seen with my own eyes, dramatic before and after differences in the horses that I work on and that we work on in the courses. I have also felt the effects of this therapy and and seen it works on other people. This methodology is very complimentary to the Masterson Method work that I already do. It is faster and more targeted, but it also works completely with the horse. It seems to have long-lasting effects, as well. In other words, it is deep work that stays in place long after the session. Some horses still need the global effect of the MM work in my opinion-- possibly for the more global emotional releases, but once they have allowed the work in, they are able to get benefit from the Emmett work. As well, there are horses who just melt or get in 'the zone' when Emmett points are applied, where they did not seem to do that with Masterson. Once they have allowed one methodology in, then they tend to allow either one.